Lighting and illumination are concepts that pervade our lives. However, the light sources are closely related to the high responsibility for Energy Conservation, a universal challenge shared globally.
Khatod is aware of this problem, and well prepared to take up the challenge.
Our history tells that our commitment in pioneering innovative applications in LED technology, one of the most alternative light sources for the Energy Conservation, has been our must for over 25 years.
Khatod optical solutions have made the mark in the ever-evolving LED Industry: from a huge choice of optoelectronic components to the most advanced lenses for Power LEDs. We have invented the NJC Technology, and developed high technical optics for the most advanced specifications of the LED Industry. Now, we are proud to introduce one of the most revolutionary optic solutions specified for any applications in the Wide Area Lighting: Galileo Optical System for Power LED Lighting
A new-concept optical system; a ready-to-use wafer holding the optics; a single module allowing to customize your own optical system.
Enter the sections below and find the product that best answers your needs while helping Energy Conservation.
Khatod Optical Solutions for Power LED Lighting and Optoelectronic Components

General LED Lighting
Single, Triple, Quad Lenses
Multi Lenses
Modularis-Modular Lenses Systems
Color Mixing Lenses
Dark Lenses
Modularis-Modular Reflectors Systems
Round, Square and Rectangular Reflectors
Strip Lenses
Fresnel Lenses
Universal Diffuser Lenses
Synthetic Lenses

LED Lighting
Optical Reflector System
Wide Area
LED Lighting
Optical Reflector System
PIXEL Optical Reflector System
LYRA Optical Reflector System for COB LEDs
Modularis-Modular Reflectors Systems
Dark Lenses
Round, Square and Rectangular Reflectors
Wide Area LED Lighting
NACTUS IP DS Optical System
NACTUS IP Optical System
NACTUS DS Optical System
NACTUS 101 Optical System
GALILEO Optical System
PIXEL Optical Reflector System
BARSIX Optical System
Optoelectronic Components
Optical Light Pipes
Light Guide System
Flexible Optical Cable System
LED Panel Indicator

Circuit Board Indicator
Bar Graph Arrays
Light Bar & Dot Matrix

LCD Sidelight Backlight
Metal & Plastic Signal Lamps
Khatod Video
Khatod Video Come see where your projects take shape and come true

100% Exclusively Made and Certified in Italy
Khatod is Associate Member of the Consortium
The Best LED Lighting Design for Public Space

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